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Firestone 1005 Level-Rite Air Helper Kit Caravan

Firestone 1005 Level-Rite Air Helper Kit Caravan
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Firestone 1005 Level-Rite Air Helper Kit Caravan

Certain factory suspension configurations do not allow the fitment of a stand-alone air spring. In these cases, it is necessary to pair the air spring with the shock absorber to achieve meaningful load capability while maintaining a hassle-free installation. For these applications, Firestone has designed a fully-protected, reversible sleeve air spring and paired it with a high-performance Bilstein monotube shock absorber for perfectly matched performance characteristics over the entire operating spectrum.

Level-Rite air springs will:

  • Levels the front end in variable load applications
  • Allows control of front ground clearance
  • Improves vehicle control and stability
  • Reduces bottoming
  • Reduces suspension fatigue

Kit includes:

  • Fully shielded, reversible sleeve air spring featuring billet aluminum piston and stone shield
  • High-performance, Bilstein, mono- tube shock-absorbers
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • All installation hardware
  • Detailed instructions

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