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Dinosaur Electronics UIB S Replacement Board Small Universal

Dinosaur Electronics UIB S Replacement Board Small Universal
Dinosaur Electronics UIB S Replacement Board Small Universal
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Dinosaur Electronics UIB S Replacement Board Small Universal

Testing Engineers International have certified the UIB S to UL372 and UL353 specifications as they pertain to the RV Industry.

With absolutely no changes, these are the same boards Dinosaur has been selling for years.

The board comes ready for use in Furnaces or a jumper on the board can be cut to make the board instant fire for use in Refrigerators or water heaters.


  • TEI Certified
  • Superior Construction with plated and soldered through holes to virtually eliminate intermittent connections.
  • 12VDC Operation
  • 3-Try; Tries 3 times to ignite gas, with appropriate purge cycles before going into lockout.
  • Highly reliable microcontroller for accurate and stable operation.
  • Diagnostic LED light helps diagnose problems! Green-You have power to the board and NC terminal. Red-You have power to the gas valve terminal.
  • Fuse and surge protection via the replaceable 5 Amp automotive fuse protects the board from short circuits on the Valve and NC terminals.
  • Removable jumper for instant fire operation in water heaters and refrigerators.
  • Size: 3.25" x 4.25"  
  • Two Tab Mounting Kit w/ small cover available for either mounting with the 4 screws or 2 tabs (i.e. Atwood water heaters and select furnaces).
    •  The 2-tab mounting kit allows you to mount a Dinosaur Electronic's UIB S or UIB S Post ignitor board in an Atwood®/Hydroflame® water heater without having to drill a hole to mount the board and risk drilling a hole in the water tank. It comes with an aluminum adapter plate, a clear small cover to protect the UIB S or UIB S Post igntior board and mounting hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • 3-Year Warranty Propane is an explosive gas! Ignitor boards should be installed by trained service technicians.

    The UIB S works with the following manufacturer's part numbers:

    Mark 10DM-12-1-12-12-E3002, Mark 10DN-12-1-12-12-E3022, Mark 10DN-12-1-5.5-5.5-E3022, Mark 10DN-12-1-7-7-E3002, Mark 10N-12-1-12-12-E342, Mark 10N-12-1-5.5-5.5-E222, Mark 10N-12-1-5.5-5.5-E322, Mark 14N-12-15-7-7-E202, Mark 51N-12-3-3-7-10-0-E23062 ( AC/Gas Water Heater), 05-299010-753, 05-306435-153, 05-309001-153, 05-309002-153, 05-309008-153, 05-309009-153, 05-309014-153, 05-309017-153, 05-309017-158, 05-309022-153, 05-30DSI Series, 05-505650-153, 05-525900-113, 3802, 3845, 6215, 6245, 6743, 7020, 9042, 12500, 36716, 37874, 91226 (AC/Gas), 6713, 93256, 93257, 93851 (AC/Gas), 93865, 231427, 231741, 231741-2, 232182, 232391, 232490, 232582, 232659, 520427 Kit with 231427, 520741 Kit with 231741, 520814 Kit with ?, 618652, 61688922, 61717037, BLUE BOY, RAM and RUBY.


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